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Policies and Procedures

Payments and Deposits:

  • When reserving ANY item you will be required to put 50% down nonrefundable to hold  your equipment. If not reserving, it will be on a first come first serve basis. 

  • You will be charged the total rental of your equipment when picking your items up. We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express. Deposits differ depending on the equipment. 



  • When receiving equipment you will need TWO forms of ID. A drivers license along with a credit card, check, paystub etc. with name and address on it. You will need TWO current phone numbers. 


Metered Items:

  • All metered items will be based on an 8 hour day. Hours over the allowed time will have additional charges.


Damage Waiver:

  • Damage waiver is NOT insurance. The customer is responsible for any loss of or damage to the Rented Equipment and for their return in the same condition in which they were received, except for ordinary wear and tear. If you accept the damage waiver, however, We agree to waive our right to recover from the customer the amount of loss or damage to the equipment while in your possession, except that you will be responsible for the first $500.00 or 50% of the cost of repair or replacement of damaged equipment (Whichever is higher). The customer agrees to notify us immediately of any accident and promptly submit any applicable police reports. If you have insurance, the damage waiver becomes secondary, and the customer agrees to exercise all rights available to the customer under the customers insurance coverage and assign all claims and proceeds from the customers insurance coverage to us. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the customers liability for loss of, or damage to, the equipment will not be waived in the following circumstances: (1) Any item or part thereof which is not returned irrespective of the reason, including theft. (2) Reckless, careless or abusive operation or use of the equipment. (3) Use or operation of the equipment exceeding its rated capacity. (4) Damage to motors, generators, drills or other tools, electrical appliances or devices caused by use of non-utility generated power, whether or not supplied by us. (5) Damage to tires, tubes, and wheels caused by blowout, bruises, cuts, punctures or other causes inherent in the use of the equipment. (6) Damage resulting from failure to perform or pay for all normal periodic and other basic service maintenance, adjustments and lubrication of the equipment. (7) Loss or damage cased by dishonesty of our employees, or wrongful conversion by any person whom the customer allow to possess the equipment. (8) Operation or use of the equipment in a manner inconsistent with the instructions of the equipment manufacturer. (9) Damage resulting from vandalism, malicious mischief, or intentional abuse. (10) Damage to any and all accessories, such as air hoses, electric cords, blades, welding cable, liquid fuel tanks and other similar items and accessories. (11) Damage resulting from overturning or striking overhead objects. (12) Damage resulting from use of the equipment in violation of ay terms of this rental contract. 



  • All equipment is the responsibility of the customer from pick-up/delivery to return. Equipment should be protected from the weather. Costs will be involved if items are broken per customer. 

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